Termite Inspection Checklist

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As one of the prime choices for construction materials, together with concrete and steel, timber has been used by many people for centuries to build structures of all kinds. With the building and construction sector now focusing on eco-friendly efforts, a recent study suggests that timber can significantly lessen greenhouse gas emissions, which may then contribute to combating global climate change.

In considering timber as a primary material for building structures, there is one specific pest that builders must be aware of, termites. Termites are eusocial insects that mostly feed on decayed organic materials. They are invasive pests that can cause damage covertly and are usually discovered only when the damage is already widespread. 

Though timber protection can come in both mechanical and chemical ways, any exposed timber can be susceptible to termite attack. Here are some areas where infestation can begin:

  • Excessive plants and vegetation 
  • Weathered external timber materials 
  • Moist ground 
  • Decaying fences or posts

FacilityBot’s Termite Inspection Checklist

FacilityBot has published a Termite Inspection Checklist sample which can be found in our free library. This can be a great help for you in implementing a maintenance program with FacilityBot.FacilityBot is a cloud-based maintenance management software that can help you with your preventive maintenance activities. The return on investment when using a smart facilities management software like FacilityBot includes a decrease in potential downtime cost and improved asset lifecycle decision-making.

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