AHU Maintenance Checklist

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Consistent, well-planned  preventive maintenance of your air handling system, including your Air Handling Unit (AHU), ductwork and ventilation fans. is one of the most effective ways of saving energy and prolonging the life of your equipment.

What is an Air Handling Unit (AHU)?

An air handling unit, often called an AHU, is the composition of elements that is mounted in large, accessible box-shaped units called modules. It houses the appropriate ventilation requirements for purifying, air-conditioning or renewing the indoor air in a building or premises. Usually, it is installed on the roof of buildings.

The function of an AHU is to filter and treat air as well as to circulate it to where it needs to be. Typically, it is made up of a fan, heating and cooling coils, humidification equipment, filters and dampers. The treated air is circulated through the building space and returned to the unit by ductwork.

Additionally, it performs other functions including filtrating and controlling air quality, controlling air temperature, and monitoring relative humidity for indoor comfort.

AHU units are intended for places wherein the flow of people is large and natural ventilation is limited or for spaces that have high hygiene requirements.

Air Handler Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance of Air Handling Unit should include:

  • Ensuring the unit and its associated plants are secure
  • Assessing the general conditions of the unit
  • Checking the unit for noise and vibration
  • Checking all AHU function and fan motors
  • Inspecting wiring for damage or loose connections
  • Cleaning the AHU interior
  • Lubricating motor and blower bearing
  • Ensuring cleanliness of the associated ductwork
  • Checking motor belt and pulley to make sure they are working properly
  • Changing of belts, pulleys, pre-filters and bag filters if necessary

FacilityBot’s Air Handling Unit Checklist

FacilityBot has developed an AHU checklist template within our free checklist library to make it super-easy for you to start your AHU preventive maintenance programme with FacilityBot.

FacilityBot is a cloud-based facilities management software that can help you with your preventive maintenance activities. The return on investment when using a smart facilities management software like FacilityBot includes a decrease in potential downtime cost and improved asset lifestyle decision-making. If you have any questions about how FacilityBot can help your business, let us know.

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