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Industrial Blower Room Inspection Checklist

An industrial blower is essentially an up-sized blower. Similar to fans and compressors, it is designed to provide a large

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Post-Renovation Defects Inspection Checklist

Whether you want to make your space more functional, comfortable, or beautiful, renovation allows you to experience the feeling of

Reporting is a key role of all Facilities Managers. Day-to-day activities need to be aggregated and presented to management to

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Machine Guard Inspection Checklist

As a general requirement for all machinery in a facility, machine guards provide protection to operators and employees against the

To support smart cities, the facility management sector aspires to implement smart facilities management initiatives, envisioning integrated systems involving IOT

We use software daily whether it is to order food from our smartphones, post on social media, or draft spreadsheets

Since the start of 2020, the whole world has been greatly affected by the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

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Key Areas to Focus on for HVAC Maintenance

Heating, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning (HVAC) systems play an important role in providing comfort to any home, establishment or workplace.

The trend towards deploying cloud-based systems has pervaded all verticals in the past decade. In the facilities management industry, all

Workflow automation is the process of identifying, standardizing, and automating routine tasks with the help of software that is designed

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