Basketball Court Inspection Checklist

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Invented in 1891 as an alternative physical activity for college students during the winter season, basketball is a non-contact 5 versus 5 sport developed by James Naismith. According to an article published in, basketball currently ranks third in popularity behind soccer and cricket with an estimated fan base of 2.2 billion people worldwide.

Basketball courts can be built inside recreational centers or as standalone facilities. These courts usually have a long useful life. Regular inspection is important to ensure safety and to avoid accidents.

Basketball Court Inspection

This inspection revolves around the general condition of the court surface and the installed rings. Here are some of the focal points to consider:

  • Clean and leveled surface throughout
  • Standard conditions for the basketball rings
  • Sturdy support for backboard structure
  •  Functional bleachers and electronic scoreboards

FacilityBot’s Basketball Court Inspection Checklist

Facilitybot has published a Basketball Court Inspection Checklist sample, accessible from our free library of preventive maintenance checklists. It provides a template as a starting point for executing in-site inspections of Basketball courts.

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