Global fragrance, skincare and makeup company

This case study features a global fragrance, skincare and makeup company with over 2,700 stores in 35 countries worldwide.

Prior to using FacilityBot, the regional headquarters had difficulty keeping track of rectification requests, particularly when managing facilities across multiple countries.

“We experienced difficulty keeping track of all the defect rectification requests in the region. Most of the time, we had to wait for replies from the local ops team and the contractor to keep us updated. Information may not be accurate, and there was no proper records or data for future studies and improvements to be made.”

Serendipitously, the company heard good reviews of FacilityBot from word-of-mouth contacts. Together with FacilityBot’s reasonable pricing and on-going effort to improve to cater to our clients’ needs, the company decided to choose FacilityBot.

“We found out about FacilityBot through word of mouth. FacilityBot price is really competitive. FacilityBot is also able to scale and improve their solutions over time as our demand grows.”

We are always encouraged when natural advocates help spread the word about how FacilityBot has helped in the facilities management operations. We designed FacilityBot with an intuitive user interface to encourage usage. In this case, since implementing FacilityBot, maintenance requests are promptly submitted by retail staff and the operations team; and promptly rectified. Ultimately, high quality maintenance of store fixtures creates the best environment for store customers.

“Store cast and ops team save time on maintenance request submission. The ease of use of the apps also encourages them to report frequently to upkeep the store fixture quality.”

Of course, FacilityBot also focuses on providing great customer support. We understand that Facilities Managers face daily operational issues and getting help to use their facilities management software should be as easy as possible.

“Excellent. Patrick never fails to provide support at all times.”

As a result of deploying FacilityBot, retail staff can focus on revenue-generating activities like selling, promoting and assisting customers rather than tedious manual work like compiling defect reports. Data compilation and report generation is best left to an easy-to-use smart facility management system like Facility Bot.

“Better use of the store cast time on selling, promoting, assisting customers rather than compiling defects via a time consuming ppt slides.”

“The store team saves about 4 hours every week and converts that time into selling.”

FacilityBot is not just easy to use but also easy to implement. We aim to help our clients implement Smart Facilities Management as quickly and seamlessly as possible. FacilityBot is designed to allow quick self-setup, supported by a comprehensive knowledge base. FacilityBot is also scalable as our clients can subscribe based on the number of accounts they need.

“Easily scalable apps and user friendly interface that allow ease of roll out.”

It has been a great journey to support and learn from this global retail company, and we are grateful for their continued support.

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