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‌How‌ ‌FacilityBot‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Help‌ ‌Businesses‌ ‌Facing‌ ‌COVID-19‌

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The world is facing its biggest challenge ever with the COVID-19 crisis. With infections spreading across countries, businesses need to react quickly to ever-changing lockdown requirements. Equally important for businesses is to plan for the future. This requires anticipating the measures that would be required when businesses start to re-open. Until mass vaccination is implemented globally, which could take years, businesses which plan well for the “new normal” could steal a march over their competitors. The appropriate use of technology should feature prominently in such plans.

For the facilities management industry, there is a need to choose the right facilities management system. Facility management professionals need to comply with regulations that keep building users safe, while also ensuring that the new systems and processes do not result in inefficiencies or bad user experience. The new system should be easy to implement and intuitive for facilities managers on the ground to use. It should provide adequate data retention to prove to authorities that appropriate measures have been undertaken. 

Choosing a cloud-based Software-As-A-Service facilities management system that offers a seamless user experience with no downloads and no logins needed would be the right approach. 

FacilityBot, which is an omnichannel artificial-intelligence powered chatbot, was designed precisely with quick set-up, great user experience and efficient workflows in mind. FacilityBot establishes a convenient and seamless channel of communication with building users that could prove crucial in the “new normal” COVID-19 re-opening environment.

Specially, FacilityBot can help with the following

  • FacilityBot can easily schedule and track digital cleaning checklists to ensure cleaning is done.
  • FacilityBot allows the upload of photo or video evidence after cleaning is done.
  • FacilityBot can coordinate the activities of your maintenance teams remotely, minimizing contact amongst team members, as all workflows are digital and mobile-enabled.
  • FacilityBot can help with equipment tracking—tracking the location and inventory of key equipment to get a picture of overall building preparedness.
  • FacilityBot can broadcast surveys such as temperature taking surveys.
  • FacilityBot can broadcast ad-hoc messages to building users on changes in social distancing measures and other updates from the Ministry of Health. 
  • FacilityBot can help in contact tracing since anyone who chats with FacilityBot can be traced.
  • FacilityBot can help keep your potential visitors and building users informed of your strategy to contain the virus, assuring them that your business is open for business and that it is safe to visit your premises.

The work of facilities managers and maintenance teams forms a key part of the overall corporate response to the COVID-19 crisis and all its phases. Implementing new processes which meet the ever-changing requirements while still facilitating productivity and sustaining building user satisfaction can be made much easier with a flexible, friendly and feature-rich solution like FacilityBot.. 

The old-adage that a crisis is an opportunity applies. In this case, facilities managers can take the opportunity to implement new and innovative technological solutions that would not only help in the COVID-19 new normal, but also further in the future in the post-COVID world too.

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