Agency for Integrated Care

As a single agency set up by Singapore’s Ministry of Health to oversee, coordinate, and facilitate the delivery of aged care services, the ‘Agency for Integrated Care’ (AIC) employs over 1200 employees across their buildings.

As you can imagine, their facilities management team would need to deal with many disparate facilities management requirements.

FacilityBot serves their needs with a single solution. Well, don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what AIC has to say about us.

“The system has more than 200 users and has resolved more than 300 faults within the first 6 months we used FacilityBot.”

With so many users in AIC, it naturally translates to a substantial number of fault reports each day, leading to coordination issues between the different parties involved; from users and facilities managers to contractors.

AIC was looking for a solution where users can simply message their fault reports through Facebook Workplace. Their employees were already using Facebook Workplace for day-to-day communication and a system integrated with Facebook Workplace would provide the most seamless experience for their employees.

FacilityBot is a Facebook Workplace partner which could deliver such an experience.

“Contrary to many fault reporting systems, the initial implementation was straightforward, the system could be applied in different aspects of facilities management and it was all available at a friendly price.”

AIC also appreciated FacilityBot’s ease of implementation and is available at a “friendly” price. By being feature-rich, easy to implement, and reasonably priced, FacilityBot allowed AIC to kick start their journey of introducing disruptive technology into their Facilities Management processes, which had always been on their minds.

“For us, we could decommission the existing fault reporting system which was not frequently used. This was also one of the first few ‘disruptive’ technology that the organisation adopted. Also, the use of digital/technology means to resolve our problems was definitely aligned with our strategic goals.”

And AIC has not looked back. As FacilityBot added new features (without additional costs), AIC was able to utilize those relevant features to further automate its Facilities Management processes.

“The FacilityBot team has been very keen to improve the system. There are always features added onto FacilityBot from time to time, very relevant to what we do.”

Adding new features is part and parcel of the customer-centric approach of FacilityBot’s team. Of course, the customer success team also addresses day-to-day questions and issues.

“The team has been prompt in resolving the issues or any bugs that we encounter while using FacilityBot.”

Given AIC’s positive experience in using and FacilityBot, they would recommend it to others, particularly for those interested in a messaging-first Chatbot approach for Facilities Management processes.

“If they would like to introduce technology such as AI or Chatbots to their Workplace and they would like to start somewhere, FacilityBot is a good platform to start.”

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