Hose Reel System Inspection Checklist

Besides a fire extinguisher, a fire hose reel is a key go-to equipment in case a fire breaks out. An extinguisher is portable but not suitable for prolonged usage, while a fire hose reel, being connected to a water source, is capable of battling a fire for a long duration. 

The fire hose system is designed to be accessible and easy to use during emergencies. It is usually connected either to the general water system, fire pump, or hydrant in order to ensure sufficient water pressure.

Hose Reel System Inspection

Aside from a visual inspection of the overall condition, parts of the system must be inspected regularly so that during an emergency, we can rely on the hose reel as our first line of defense against fires.

Parts to be inspected include: 

  • Hose 
  • Valve 
  • Nozzle 
  • Main body

FacilityBot’s Hose Reel System Inspection Checklist

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