Industrial Blower Room Inspection Checklist

An industrial blower is essentially an up-sized blower. Similar to fans and compressors, it is designed to provide a large amount of pressurised air. 

Industrial blowers can be classified into two types, centrifugal and axial blowers.

Centrifugal Blowers – These blowers use centrifugal force produced by a rotating disk installed with angled blades. This rotating impeller moves the air by centrifugal action in a tangential direction. 

Axial Blowers – On the other hand, axial blowers are installed with a spinning bladed hub which allows air movement and moves it parallel to the blower shaft. 

Several industries like manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and even mining rely on blowers to supply air that can be used for drying, air-cleaning, combustion, ventilation, and exhaust. 

During operation, these blowers will produce high levels of noise and heat. Hence, industrial blowers are generally installed inside a well-ventilated enclosed room. Industrial blower rooms must only be accessible by authorized personnel due to the hazards which may be present. 

FacilityBot’s Industrial Blower Room Inspection Checklist

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