prevent idle time facilitybot

Idle time is a common phrase used in the manufacturing industry as well as workforce management. Idle time is related

Facility Managers Roles and Responsibilities

Having efficient and smart facilities management is becoming more important with the ongoing automation of many industrial processes. Buildings are

Singapore Facilities Management

Businesses need dedicated facilities management software to report faults, solve issues, and document results. This helps businesses to improve productivity,

Different computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) offer a different set of features and characteristics. Some are stronger in workflow management

maintenancce team working amid COVID-19

The world is facing its biggest challenge ever with the COVID-19 crisis. With infections spreading across countries, businesses need to

Chatbots Heart of Smart Facilities Management

This article first appeared in the International Facility Management Association (Singapore) May 2019 Newsletter In recent years, terms such as

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Termite Inspection Checklist

As one of the prime choices for construction materials, together with concrete and steel, timber has been used by many

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Electric Forklift Inspection Checklist

With the current development in reducing tailpipe emissions and improving the efficiency of engines, more and more companies have been

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All-Terrain Vehicle Inspection Checklist

All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs are motorized vehicles intended to run off-road with low-pressure tires. With its applications ranging from recreational

Maintaining optimal inventory levels is tricky.  Over-provision and you run the risk of tying up precious capital that you could

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