Post-Renovation Defects Inspection Checklist

Whether you want to make your space more functional, comfortable, or beautiful, renovation allows you to experience the feeling of a newly built house or a recently opened workspace without spending a fortune. It lets you enjoy your space with the assurance that it is free from any defects and safety issues.

Learning what to look out for in renovations is vital to ensure that the work done is up to standard. Typically, there would be a defects period after the renovation is completed where the contractor will perform rectifications without additional cost. During this period, it pays to be systematic and use a checklist to spot defects. Here are some areas that you may want to pay specific attention to.

Paintwork – Paint must be applied cleanly to all corners of the wall and ceiling. Make sure that there is no blistering or flaking, for it can be a sign of moisture or water damage. 

Electrical Components – The light fixtures should be installed with fresh bulbs and no visible cracks on the switches should be found. The air-conditioning unit installed should also run smoothly with no notable noise. 

Doors and Windows – These should be easy to open and close with minimal effort, and fly screens, if available, should be installed properly. Window restrictors must be installed so an opening won’t allow anything exceeding 125 millimeters in size to pass through. 

Pantry / Kitchen –  The cupboards should be aligned and installed well, and all appliances should be functioning properly. 

Bathroom – The plumbing fixtures should be working properly with no water leaks. There can also be additional accessories installed such as the toilet roll holder and grab rails. The floor waste and drains should be free from blockages and should clear water quickly. 

FacilityBot’s Post-Renovation Defects Inspection Checklist

A building inspector is recommended for a more extensive inspection, but having fundamental knowledge can help a lot in saving money and time. FacilityBot has published a Post-Renovation Defects Inspection Checklist sample which can be found in our free library.

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