Booster Pump Inspection Checklist

There are various reasons why an installed water line inside buildings or other structures may fail to provide sufficient water supply. It can be due to the gravitational pull or its distance from the main water source. With insufficient water pressure, the area water can reach becomes limited.

In the event that water becomes unreliable or difficult to access, especially in emergencies, booster pumps are installed. Booster pumps boost water pressure and increase the flow rate of water. Booster pumps are used to improve water lines in residential houses/buildings, fire protection systems, mining, and food production.

Maintenance inspection of these pumps is similar to a normal pump. One must ensure that its parts are in top condition to maximize the pump’s efficiency. Testing can be done while the pump is running. Here are some points you should consider in checking your booster pump:

  • Excessive vibration
  • Unusual sound 
  • Corrosive body 
  • Acceptable pressure reading 

FacilityBot’s Booster Pump Inspection Checklist

Facilitybot has published a preventive maintenance Booster Pump Inspection Checklist sample, accessible from our free library. It provides a template as a starting point for executing in-site inspections of Booster Pumps.

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