Top Rated Facility Management Software in 2021

Facilities management systems (CMMS software) have helped facilities managers digitize and automate workflows. By deploying CMMS software, facilities managers are able to automate many previously manual workflows and focus on value-added oversight and making data-driven decisions. Whilst there are common features amongst CMMS software, we built FacilityBot with several unique features.

1. Messaging-First Approach

Adopting a messaging-first approach, FacilityBot allows for seamless interactions with building occupants. Building occupants can interact with facilities managers digitally through their preferred messaging platforms without having to download or login to any new mobile apps. This reduces the adoption friction of building occupants and allows building occupants to easily participate in the building digital ecosystem, ultimately enhancing user experience.

2. Single Channel For All Services

FacilityBot not only has all features of a mobile CMMS system such as fault reporting, preventive maintenance checklists, and asset management; it also acts as a single channel to provide other services to building occupants, including soft service requests, room booking, visitor management, and hot desk booking.

3. Ease of Implementation and Use

FacilityBot strives towards ease of deployment and use. All configurations are designed to allow self-service setup, supported by a comprehensive knowledgebase. Our user interface is also designed to be used with minimal training. FacilityBot can literally be deployed within minutes!

4. Pricing

With such a feature-rich system, one might expect it to be costly. On the contrary, FacilityBot is not only price-friendly, it also has a simple and transparent pricing with no setup fees or hidden costs. 

SoftwareWorld has qualified FacilityBot as one of the Software world has qualified FacilityBot as one of the top facilities management softwares in 2021. This recognition will encourage us to continuously improve and enhance our features with the aim of providing the best user experience, functionality and automation-savings.

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