Top Facilities Management Companies in India

Discover the top-tier facilities management companies driving innovation and excellence in India’s FM sector. This curated list, assembled by FacilityBot, a renowned CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) provider and an Award-Winning Solution for Efficient Facilities Management, showcases the diverse expertise of these industry leaders.

Please note that they are not ranked in any particular order.

  1. Secure Parking Solutions Private Limited
    • About: A pioneer in innovative parking solutions, offering comprehensive management services across commercial and residential sectors. Their cutting-edge parking technology and commitment to security redefine parking management standards.
  2. Checkmate Services Private Limited
    • About: Renowned for its holistic facility management services, Checkmate specializes in security, housekeeping, and maintenance solutions. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, they cater to diverse industry needs.
  3. Nouvel Facilities Private Limited
    • About: Nouvel Facilities stands out for its wide array of facility management services, spanning security, housekeeping, and specialized maintenance. Their customer-centric approach and customized solutions cater to varied client requirements.
  4. ServiceMax Facility Management Private Limited
    • About: ServiceMax is a leading name in comprehensive facility management services. They excel in providing a range of services, including janitorial, technical, and security solutions, ensuring operational efficiency for diverse businesses.
  5. ISS Facility Services India Private Limited
    • About: ISS Facility Services is a global leader in integrated facility services. In India, their offerings encompass a wide spectrum, from cleaning and security to catering and workplace management, ensuring client satisfaction across industries.
  6. BVG India Limited
    • About: BVG India is acclaimed for its extensive range of facility management services, covering cleaning, landscaping, waste management, and more. Their commitment to environmental sustainability sets them apart in the industry.
  7. Tops Security Private Limited
    • About: Tops Security specializes in comprehensive security solutions, offering a suite of services including manned guarding, electronic surveillance, and risk assessment. Their expertise ensures robust security frameworks for various sectors.
  8. Walsons Services Private Limited
    • About: Walsons Services stands as a key player in facility management, offering tailored solutions in security, housekeeping, and maintenance services. Their emphasis on quality and efficiency resonates across their services.
  9. A La Concierge Services Private Limited
    • About: A La Concierge excels in providing specialized facility management solutions with a focus on concierge services. Their offerings include facility helpdesk management, workspace concierge, and employee assistance programs.
  10. Updater Services Limited
    • About: Updater Services is known for its multifaceted approach to facility management, encompassing a broad spectrum of services such as security, housekeeping, and maintenance. Their client-centric solutions cater to diverse industries.

Explore these distinguished facilities management companies in India, each contributing expertise and innovation to redefine the landscape of efficient facility management.

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