Top Property Management and Services in Australia

Property management involves day-to-day monitoring, repairs as well as ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. This is a task that is generally put to property managers from a third-party contractor. Their main role is to manage routine task and to preserve the value of the property that they manage through proper maintenance. Generally speaking, property developers move to the next project as soon as they finish one. In this process, they usually hire an outside company to handle and maintain these properties.  Facilitybot, an easy-to-use CMMS software has listed the top property management services in Australia.

Please note that they are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Australia Property Management & Services

Australia Property Management & Services is property management company located in Sydney. They have a specialized and devoted team that handles their leasing services. Through their proactive approach, they can provide and implement the proper strategies to ensure minimal vacancies. Property owners can be at east that they will get updates to information that matters. APMS offer free management appraisals for leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

2. Accord Property Services

Founded in 1992, Accord Property Services, is a top property management company that provides full-service facility management and services solutions. From commercial cleaning, grounds and garden maintenance to full-service integrated facility management they have come a long way to deliver superior quality services. Starting as a small business in Sydney, Accord Property has come a long way. After growing in a steady pace, they are now a contractor to hundreds of buildings all across Australia. 

3. Asset management Property Group Pty Ltd

Asset Management Property Group Pty Ltd offer a variety of service to their investment owners. Their goal is to help maximize the value of their clients asset so they could focus on their core business instead. They are consistent in everything that they do and constantly ensure that investment owners will have their income within 2 business days at the end of each month. They also offer mid month or even more frequent transfer depending on the clients request. Asset management Property also sends their investment owner’s a statement through their mail and are experienced in handling all kinds of property maintenance.

4. Southern Cross Group

Southern Cross Group is founded in Sydney back in 2005. The company is a true wholly owned Australian facility services company. Focusing on delivering quality facility and technology solutions they are one of Australia’s leading facility management service providers. By delivering a consultative approach they are able to understand exactly what their client needs. Southern Cross Group currently provide complete integrated services over 800 clients all over Australia.

5. McGees Property Adelaide

McGees Property Adelaide takes a simple approach when providing facility management services. They have an accommodating team that is solution oriented and has a strong commitment in presenting only the best results. McGees Property Adelaide is well known for their unique approach and they contribute their success to this individuality. With an excellent reputation they are one of the first choices when it comes to property management.

6. Think Commercial

Think Commercial is a commercial property management operated at the Far North of Queensland. Due to their small boutique size it is easy to get in touch with their senior management team. Being property owners and managers for more than 10 years they provide their clients a personal approach. They value honesty and provide transparent communicative service to their clients.

7. Cerno Group Leedwell Property

Cerno Group offers a highly integrated approach to property management. A diverse commercial management group with four separate entities they cater to major cities in metropolitan Australia. They have a long list of expertise ranging through multiple sectors such as: retail, industrial, commercial, education, hospitality, clubs, health and many more.

8. Leedwell Property

Leedwell Property takes pride in their unique approach to property management. As a company, they focus in strong, long-term relationships with their clients and rely on their wide scope of service. They have a specialized divisions that handles sales, leasing, asset management, joint venture solutions, project and facilities management, development consultation and advice and even pre-commitment project leasing. With their outstanding track record they have made a name for themselves is the South of Australia.

9. Different

Different is one of the most popular property management in Australia. They have services that include everything you’d expect, starting with simple and hassle-free property maintenance and property inspection that puts you in the driving seat by arming you with all the details you need to make a decision quickly. Tenants also benefit from greater transparency and don’t need to wait weeks for a leaky tap or broken stove to be fixed. As a :Different tenant, you will get access to their tenant app, which makes the process of managing your lease and making your rental payments a breeze. Our primary goal is to provide customer convenience and satisfaction via our tenant app.

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