Top 10 Security Companies in Australia List Ranking 2021

No matter the size of your business it is important to address security concerns like an assault at the workplace, employee disputes, vandalism and even theft. These security threats are a risk to the lives of those working in your company and also a risk to your business infrastructure and potentially even the company’s reputation. Therefore, hiring professional security guards to create a secure environment and mitigate the risks of crimes, thefts and assault is essential to every establishment.  Facilitybot, an easy-to-use CMMS software has listed the top security companies in Australia.

Please note that they are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Wilson Security

Wilson Security is considered as one of the leading companies in Australia that is focused in keeping a safe environment for the future. By providing an Integrated Security Solution Model and partnering with their clients they are able to understand the risks, needs and points where they could develop a detailed and unique solution to fit each of their clients security problems. They are competitive and offer only the highest quality of security standards so their clients could focus on their core business.

2. Unified Security Group (NT)

Unified Security Group is an indigenous company that is proud of its origins. Wholly owned by Australians, they provide professional security services to their clients nationwide. Through the years, they have made a significant investment in creating and developing quality assure management practices. This, combined with their competitive security solutions that offers tailored and flexible security services have secured them a spot as one of the leading security service provider in Australia.

3. NPB Security

Founded in 2010 by Scott Parry and David Barett, NPB Security, is a top leading security company in Perth. In one of their drinking sessions, both decided to pursue their desire to improve customer experience at hospitality and entertainment venues. Through the use of technology, both wanted to  make security more transparent and aim to keep security services accountable. This change includes asset protection, site security, mobile patrols and many more. Through their years of security experience, Parry and Barett made NPB security known in the security industry.

4. Trident Services Australia

Trident Services Australia is a highly committed and proactive security service provider founded by Perry Dollar. Through their well-managed handling of staff clients become an integral part of their company. They aim to deliver a unique added value to their service by keeping a harmonized team. With their ‘One Team’ philosophy they have long since solidified their position as one of the country’s leading security service companies.

5. ASAP | Australian Security and Protection Pty Ltd

Australian Security and Protection Pty Ltd is a security service provider that keeps customer security and protection their top priority. They are more than just officers patrolling as their highly trained security staff are always ready to protect not only the people but also assets and properties. As a competitive security company who values integrity, ASAP is responsive and reliable. This trait helps them in maintaining a good relationships with their clients

6. MA Services Group

MA Services Group is an Australian owned company that is focused on local and national markets. As a company, they don’t aim to compete for a global position but instead aim to be globally aware in order to provide efficient service. They are a competitive company that could deliver efficient security service with 10-15% less resourcing without compromising service quality. They are also proactive in finding ways they can improve their service without adding more costs. Overall, MA Services offers a customer oriented service that is well thought out and well executed.

7. Certis Security Australia

Certis Security Australia makes use of its unique diversity of people, cultures and expertise to deliver world class service. They are a family owned legacy business that all began with John Roche in 1890. Working as a superintendent for NSW Police Department Roche left in the 1923 to start his own security business along with his son Tom. Ever since, generations after generations of the Roche family have inherited and grown Certis Security to what it is now. Today, Certis Security has gathered unparalleled knowledge in the fields of aviation, transport, logistics, commercial precincts and critical infrastructure.

8. Super Supreme Protection

Super Supreme Protection have an experienced, progressive management team that is committed in treating their clients with respect and care. This hospitality is what sets their business apart from others. Through their local knowledge they are able to give tailored services that  is on another level of professionalism that even national suppliers find hard to achieve. They are a proactive company who isn’t afraid to ask their clients for their feedback through surveys. This makes it easier for them to pin point and address issues to continue providing superior quality service.

9. 50mm Security Services

50mm Security Services is a competitive security service provider that caters to property owners who wants to ensure the safety of their property. They provide quotations free of charge. For property owners who wants to be assured that no one enters their property to cause trouble or without proper authorization this company provides just that. Security system acts a a strong deterrent that could restrict unauthorized access and alert the authorities if necessary. Through their stress-free solution, 50mm Security Services is able to provide quality service with their experienced and highly trained team.

10. Ultimate Security

Ultimate Security offers national Security Guards division for multiple industries. Their security team undergoes rigorous screening, training and supervision to ensure that they deliver only the highest quality of service and professionalism. In Ultimate Security, they offer static guard services to safeguard vital assets. The also offer fleets of mobile patrol vehicles that is managed by highly trained and licensed officers that is available around the clock. Through the combination of their front-of-house staff and security personnel they are able to offer outstanding concierge services.

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