Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

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Built for the purpose of providing refreshment and comfort during sunny days, swimming pools are man-made havens for people looking to escape the summer heat. Swimming pools are a fundamental amenity in both hotels and condominiums.

Swimming Pool Inspection

Considering the significant number of people that may use a swimming pool on a daily basis, cleanliness is a priority. The purity, PH and chlorine levels of the pool water must be tested regularly. Any cracks where water can seep into must be handled by a certified pool contractor. The installed pool accessories must be intact to prevent accidents.

FacilityBot’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Inspection Checklist

FacilityBot has published a Swimming Pool Maintenance Inspection Checklist sample which can be found in our free library of preventive maintenance checklists. This can be a great help for you in implementing a maintenance program with FacilityBot.

FacilityBot is a cloud-based maintenance management software that can help you with your preventive maintenance activities. The return on investment when using a smart facilities management software like FacilityBot includes a decrease in potential downtime cost and improved asset lifecycle decision-making.

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