Asbestos Inspection Checklist

Up until the mid-1980s, before countries started prohibiting its use, asbestos was a popular construction material known for being heat resistant and an excellent and affordable electrical insulator. It has a wide range of applications, from pipes and ducts, floor tiles, to wall linings that provide soundproofing.

A naturally-occurring mineral that can be mined from quarries around the world, asbestos is made up of millions of fibers that cohere together to form into a light, but very durable material. However, once broken, asbestos releases these micro-fibers which may cause lung diseases and even cancers to people who have been exposed.

Due to the health risks it poses, properties are being inspected for having asbestos whether in their floors, walls, or ceiling. Asbestos sheets that are intact are recommended for replacement, while broken ones are required to be immediately removed by a certified contractor.

FacilityBot’s Asbestos Inspection Checklist

Handling asbestos can be dangerous if done without proper training and equipment. Hence, professionals should be consulted if signs of possible asbestos are evident. FacilityBot has published an Asbestos Inspection Checklist sample which can be found in our free library of preventive maintenance checklists.

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