How CMMS is helping the Hotel Industry

CMMS for Hotel Industry

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors deciding the success of any enterprise in the hotel or hospitality industry. A hotel may have everything including an impressive location, well-mannered and dedicated staff, the finest facilities, and exceptional service, but if the customers are unsatisfied in any way, the business can fail.

The need to make every customer happy has also increased multitudes with the advent of social media as customers can talk about your business to millions of people worldwide. Negative reviews from customers can affect your business’s reputation and profitability. So, managers should be aware of every major or minor issue that is affecting the hotel at any time and they should take measures to resolve them right away.

But maintaining a hotel in perfect condition is not a walk in the park. Having a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in place can assist maintenance managers in streamlining the repair process and enhancing operational flexibility. There are different ways in which CMMS systems can enhance hotel maintenance operations. Some of them include the following.

Asset tracking

It will be challenging for a manager to efficiently and effectively manage the processes in a hotel unless they are aware of the location of important assets or equipment in the hotel. They should also be informed of backups or replacements in case an untoward incident happens. The maintenance team can use CMMS to collect and record important data about all the facilities, which can include computers, TVs, kitchenware, and toiletries. The software will also help workers to create comprehensive reports and keep track of information pertaining to acquisition, compliance and safety requirements, transfer, and preventative maintenance. Keeping track of your assets can make maintenance more efficient and easier.

Decreased equipment downtime and preventive maintenance

Hotel managers can develop organized preventive maintenance strategies using CMMS software, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed in accordance with manufacturer and industry standards. Technicians will also get notifications from the software in the event of a malfunction or when some asset requires maintenance. This will lead to swift responses and reduce the response time considerably resulting in reduced downtime.

Better response time

The most common malfunctions or maintenance tasks that the hotel staff encounters are related to mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems. These malfunctions can be extremely stress-inducing since sometimes they might affect several customers on one level, or worse, the entire hotel. CMM software can lighten this stress to a great extent by sending notifications about malfunctions to the right maintenance personnel on their mobile devices. This will improve the response time, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Better planning and scheduling

Managing the maintenance of a small hotel may feel easy for a manager since the number of maintenance requests that need to be processed is considerably low. But if the hotel is really large and catering to several guests at one time, effectively planning and scheduling such requests is very important. Managers can use CMMS to plan service requests, carry out regular inspections, conduct repairs, and perform preventative maintenance. If the hotel employs the services of multiple technicians or contractors, they can also use the software to effectively communicate with all of them. It will also help users to track schedules from different locations. Additionally, managers will have the flexibility to update, reschedule, and assign tasks depending on the resources that are available. 


Since employing CMMS can reduce the repairs and downtime considerably, it will also reduce the overall maintenance charges incurred by the hotel management. Furthermore, it extends the machine’s lifespan and stops minor faults from turning into costly, complicated problems for the hotel. CMMS software can also prevent unnecessary costs by preventing duplicate orders and always keeping your inventory up-to-date. Managers can also boost worker productivity, improve safety, and enhance maintenance output using the software. This will in turn directly or indirectly result in more revenue.

Loyal client base

Customers will be interested in coming back to your hotel repeatedly if they were satisfied with your services and facilities. Your prompt responses to different issues and your utilities play an important role in your customer satisfaction. Your customers will also feel valued when you fix their issues in minimal time. Preventive maintenance is essential for reducing potential issues. So, having effective and efficient CMMS software will ensure that you get repeat customers and your business remains profitable.


A comprehensive CMMS software is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing maintenance costs, and improving the overall efficiency of a hospitality business. An efficient and effective CMMS tool like FacilityBot can help hotel managers with different maintenance management operations in their establishment. They can easily keep track of workflows, and task completion using the platform. The platform also supports hotel chains with multiple locations. Facilitybot requires no logins or downloads. Different pricing plans are available, so users can choose one according to their needs.

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