How Deploying a CMMS like FacilityBot Can Help You Attain the Green Mark Maintainability Badge

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Sustainability has become one of the hottest topics today and rightfully so! Individuals as well as organizations are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and go green. Modern organizations are taking all the necessary steps to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. One of the most popular ways of doing this currently is attaining the Green Mark Maintainability Badge.

Simply put, the Green Mark Maintainability Badge is an internationally recognized building certification offered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. It is awarded to buildings that follow and meet high standards for energy efficiency, waste management, and excellent maintainability.

The badge comes with certain benefits like higher maintenance labor efficiency and enhanced reliability of building systems and it encourages businesses to adopt a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of doing business. The scheme focuses on creating a healthier environment for everyone living in the building, using smart technologies, and making building operations more efficient.

In this blog post, we will talk about the benefits of having the Green Mark Maintainability Badge and how a robust CMMS solution like FacilityBot can help businesses achieve it.

So, let’s get started!

How can a CMMS solution like FacilityBot bring you closer to attaining the Green Mark Maintainability Badge?

Are you looking for the most effective ways to attain the Green Mark Maintainability badge? Or maybe you already have the badge and require an effective solution that can help you maintain it. Either way, a powerful CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) like FacilityBot can help you out.

FacilityBot is a robust Smart FM (Facility Management) solution that can help you streamline your processes and keep your facility running smoothly in an eco-friendly way. It comes with multiple features like innovation solutions, easy integrations, robust cybersecurity, and a facilities management system. Together, all these features create a comprehensive system to optimize the maintenance of your building.

Here are some excellent features of FacilityBot that can help organizations attain or maintain their Green Mark Maintainability badge:

1. Innovative Solutions

Being an advanced CMMS, FacilityBot leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative features. For example, the CMMS offers smart solutions like advanced analytics, cloud connectivity, IoT integrations, and more. It helps you manage your facility on the go and ensure that the assets are operating at peak efficiency.

Another major benefit of FacilityBot is increased cybersecurity. Having a robust cybersecurity system in place is crucial to maintain the integrity and reliability of the building’s systems and data. Any data breach or hacking attempt can lead to loss of data and even damage your building’s assets physically. This eventually leads to loss of money and resources which takes you away from getting your Green Mark Maintabilbity.

Not only this but FacilityBot can be integrated with almost every other software you are already using. It includes accounting software, energy management software, and more. It eliminates data silos and ensures all the building’s systems are working together seamlessly.

2. Facilities Management Systems

FacilityBot’s Facility Management Systems are all about helping you manage your building’s operations in a paperless way. Going paperless helps you display that you are conscious about the well-being of the environment and are taking the necessary steps to become more sustainable. Thus, it takes you close to attaining your Green Mark Maintainability badge.

Here are the major features of the Facility Management Systems:

1. Asset Management

  • The asset management featureFacilityBot includes failure analysis and lifecycle management. This helps you manage, track, and maintain your building’s assets like building structures, equipment, furniture, and more.
  • It offers you real-time data so that you can track the location and condition of all assets and schedule timely maintenance.
  • This increases the life of the building’s assets and reduces downtime and unnecessary wastage. A building with excellent assets and less wastage gets priority during the selection of the Green Mark Maintainability badge.

2. Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • It includes features like service management, supply chain management, maintenance management, etc.
  • With FacilityBot, you can streamline and automate operations and supply chain activities. It includes activities like procurement and inventory management.
  • Further, if anything is damaged in your facility, you can use the maintenance management features to schedule and track repairs.

The bottom line

That was all about how deploying an advanced and robust CMMS like FacilityBot, you can take control of your building’s energy usage and waste management. This further ensures that various components of your building are in top-notch condition and running at peak efficiency.

It helps you save money on energy bills and takes you a step closer to attaining the prestigious Green Mark Maintainability badge. You will also be able to show your commitment to sustainability and demonstrate to your tenants and clients that your building is environmentally friendly.

So, are you ready to walk on the sustainability path and create a greener building? If yes, then check out FacilityBot and enjoy a 14-day free trial without providing your credit card details!

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