Propell Integrated Ltd

Incorporated in 1999, Propell Integrated Ltd has decades of experience in providing managing agent, integrated facilities management and specialised Mechanical and Electrical engineering services for buildings and estates in various sectors. 

“Prior to using FacilityBot, there were multiple layers of coordination and liaison between users and sub-contractors.

One of the key pain points Propell faced was coordination between the multiple parties involved in facilities management, including the client, various subcontractors and individual technicians. 

“We subscribed to FacilityBot mainly to capture and monitor all faults reported in Mechanical and Electrical, Fire Protection and Plumbing & Sanitary systems for the National University of Singapore’s Engineering maintenance site. FacilityBot has helped to achieve our proposed objectives by recording and consolidating all incoming faults reported into the system while also providing strategic analysis on corrective work. FacilityBot has a function of asset management which is also beneficial and useful. FacilityBot also provides simple and evaluated statistics reports for users.”

With FacilityBot, Propell not only solved the coordination issue, tracking of fault reports, asset management and collation of data also became much easier. 

“NUS Engineering is part of a large university campus. Within 6 months, we had almost 1500 reported fault cases tracked in FacilityBot.”

FacilityBot is happy that it is well-utilised to support the needs of campus users and assist Propell in its service delivery to NUS Engineering. FacilityBot does not set volume or usage limits for the number of fault reports, checklists utilized or assets managed.

“We chose FacilityBot because it is a one-stop facilities management solution integrated with AI technology. FacilityBot also supports multiple locations and campus operations. In the present market, there are many fault reporting systems like SQL View, Anacle, Tigernix and FacilityBot. FacilityBot initial implementation was straightforward and the system can be applied to various different aspects of facilities management. FacilityBot is also available at a friendly and reasonable market price. FacilityBot is a user-friendly digital technology system.”

With its rich features, FacilityBot serves as a one-stop facilities management solution which is a key motivating factor for the use of FacilityBot. Propell also appreciates FacilityBot’s ease of implementation, user-friendly interface and availability at a reasonable price.

“The FacilityBot support team is fantastic in providing fast response and resolving all the technical and software bugs very promptly, responsive and efficiently.” 

FacilityBot strives to provide great customer support. We are encouraged to hear that our prompt customer service meets Propell’s expectations. We understand that Facilities Managers face daily operational issues that need quick response and we aim to be a valued partner to support these operations.

“Our team has been very keen and contributed ideas at times to improve and enhance the FacilityBot system. There were many features added onto FacilityBot from time to time which were very relevant to our maintenance site requirements. There were also a lot of new implementations and additional functions which FacilityBot will update periodically. This made the system more stable and reliable.”

Propell’s team has been proactive in contributing ideas. Adopting a customer-centric approach and striving for continuous improvement, FacilityBot encourages clients’ feedback. Such feedback helps us improve our features along the way without additional costs. One example is how we improved the preventive maintenance checklist feature to allow checklists to be re-assigned and linked to new assets after creation. 

“If any maintenance site or building would like to have AI technology or implement digital technology at a reasonable market price, FacilityBot is the best digital technology platform to implement.”

Given Propell’s positive experience, they would recommend FacilityBot, particularly for those wishing to digitize and automate their maintenance operations with an innovative facilities management system. We are certainly encouraged by the endorsement from such a reputable Facilities Management company.

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