Top Courier and Delivery Services in Singapore

Please note that they are not ranked in any particular order.

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  1. uParcel – Same day logistics technology
    • uParcel provides efficient same-day logistics solutions, catering to the delivery needs of individuals and businesses in Singapore.
  2. IXPRESS647: Local Courier Service in Singapore
    • IXPRESS647 offers local courier services, providing reliable and timely delivery solutions for parcels and documents across Singapore.
  3. Pickupp
    • Pickupp specializes in on-demand delivery services, offering flexible and efficient delivery solutions for businesses and individuals.
  4. Network Courier
    • Network Courier provides reliable courier services, focusing on delivering parcels and documents with speed and efficiency.
  5. S.T. Cargo Agencies Pte. Ltd.
    • S.T. Cargo Agencies offers a comprehensive range of logistics and delivery services, ensuring reliable and secure transportation of goods and documents.
  6. JustShip
    • JustShip provides cost-effective and reliable courier services, catering to both domestic and international shipping needs for businesses and individuals.
  7. XDel Singapore Pte Ltd
    • XDel Singapore offers a variety of delivery services, specializing in express delivery and logistics solutions for businesses in Singapore.
  8. DHL Express Service Point
    • DHL Express Service Point offers international courier services, ensuring fast and reliable delivery solutions for businesses and individuals.
  9. M&P International Freights Pte. Ltd.
    • M&P International Freights specializes in international freight forwarding and logistics services, ensuring efficient and secure transportation of goods.
  10. Lalamove Singapore
    • Lalamove provides on-demand delivery services, connecting users with delivery drivers for efficient and timely parcel delivery across Singapore.

These courier and delivery services companies in Singapore are known for their reliable and efficient delivery solutions, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. When choosing a courier service, consider the specific requirements and timelines of your delivery to select a company that aligns with your delivery needs and preference

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