Top Facilities Management Companies in the Philippines

Discover the leading facilities management companies shaping the industry in the Philippines. This list, curated by FacilityBot, a premier CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) provider and an Award-Winning Solution for Efficient Facilities Management, showcases top-tier companies offering tailored solutions to meet diverse facility management needs. Explore these industry leaders:

  1. Atalian Global Services Philippines Inc.
    • A pioneer in comprehensive facilities management services offering diverse solutions tailored for industries ranging from healthcare to commercial sectors.
  2. Servicio Filipino Inc.
    • Known for its versatile suite of facility management solutions, catering to diverse sectors including education, healthcare, and government agencies.
  3. Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation
    • Focused on delivering cutting-edge facilities management within industrial settings, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.
  4. SGS Philippines Inc.
    • A reputable company providing an extensive range of facilities management services, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation.
  5. Cushman & Wakefield LLC
    • A global leader offering integrated facilities management solutions, specializing in innovative strategies for optimized facility operations.
  6. Sodexo GroupSantos
    • Provides comprehensive facilities management services across various sectors, emphasizing sustainability and client satisfaction.
  7. Knight Frank Inc. (Knight Frank LLP)
    • Renowned for its expertise in delivering tailor-made facilities management solutions, ensuring operational excellence and cost-effectiveness.
  8. Century Properties Management Inc.
    • Specializes in property and facilities management, recognized for its proficiency in managing diverse real estate portfolios.
  9. Mansion Maintenance Co. Inc.
    • Offers a wide spectrum of facilities management solutions, emphasizing quality service delivery and customer-centric approaches.
  10. Kontrac Facilities Management Services Inc.
    • Provides customized facilities management services, focusing on innovative solutions tailored to meet client-specific requirements.

Explore these distinguished facilities management companies, each excelling in providing specialized services catering to the unique needs of various industries across the Philippines. For more insights on efficient facilities management, visit FacilityBot.

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