How to Prevent Idle Time in Your Facilities with CMMS Software for Preventive Maintenance

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Last updated on July 7th, 2023 at 05:30 pm

Idle time in facilities can have a significant impact on productivity and bottom-line results. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of idle time, differentiate it from downtime, and discuss how CMMS software for preventive maintenance can help mitigate idle time. By implementing effective strategies and utilizing CMMS software, facility managers can optimize workflows, keep equipment in good condition, and ultimately reduce idle time.

What Is Idle Time? Idle time, also known as “waiting time,” refers to the period when assets, whether machines or employees, are available but not actively engaged in productive work. It represents the gap between current output and maximum productivity. Examples of idle time include equipment waiting for input or employees waiting for tasks.

Differentiating Idle Time and Downtime

While both idle time and downtime refer to non-productive periods, they have different underlying reasons. Idle time occurs when equipment is capable of operating but is not due to reasons like power outages, process inefficiencies, or technical issues unrelated to the equipment itself. Downtime, on the other hand, occurs when assets are not operational due to scheduled maintenance or equipment failure.

Computing Idle Time

Idle time can be calculated by subtracting the actual time spent productively from the expected operational hours. For employees, this can be determined by comparing their scheduled shift duration to the time spent on productive work. With machines, idle time calculations can be more complex, considering factors such as startup and shutdown time, breaks, and maintenance activities.

Reducing Idle Time

While some idle time is necessary, especially for employee well-being, minimizing it for machines can improve productivity. Here are some tips to reduce idle time:

  1. Workflow Optimization: Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in workflows and processes. Create proportionate schedules, minimize administrative tasks, and ensure employees have the necessary tools. Optimize machine assembly and ensure smooth transition of output between machines. Adequate labor availability is also crucial.
  2. Equipment Maintenance: Well-maintained equipment experiences fewer breakdowns and idle time. Implement a regular preventive maintenance program to detect issues early and prevent breakdowns. Use OEM-approved spare parts for replacements. CMMS software can assist in scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks, ensuring timely completion and proper checklists.

Conclusion: Idle time can hinder productivity and impact a facility’s performance. By optimizing workflows, maintaining equipment, and utilizing CMMS software for preventive maintenance, facility managers can effectively reduce idle time. Implementing these strategies will lead to improved productivity, minimized downtime, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. Explore FacilityBot’s CMMS software to streamline your maintenance processes and maximize productivity in your facilities.

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