FacilityBot: Supporting the Green Mark Maintainability Badge

Last updated on April 3rd, 2024 at 12:47 pm

The BCA Green Mark 2021 (GM: 2021) is an internationally recognised green building certification scheme tailored for the tropical climate. It encourages the industry and professionals to collaborate and develop green building solutions, raising Singapore’s built environment’s sustainability standards. Key focus areas include energy performance, maintainability, embodied carbon reduction, smart technologies adoption, climate resilience, and user health.

The Green Mark Maintainability Badge is awarded to buildings that meet high standards for energy efficiency, waste management, and maintainability. It signifies a commitment to sustainable building practices, ensuring that structures are designed and managed with a focus on long-term environmental impact reduction and operational efficiency.

Image: Green Mark – Maintainability Badge

How Companies Can Get The Maintainability Badge:

To obtain the Green Mark Maintainability Badge, companies must adhere to the rigorous criteria outlined by the BCA. This includes designing for maintainability, reducing embodied carbon, implementing smart technologies, and enhancing resilience to climate change. Companies must demonstrate compliance with these standards through documentation, audits, and assessments conducted by accredited assessors.

How FacilityBot Can Help Companies Attain The Maintainability Badge

By leveraging its innovative functionalities, FacilityBot enables organizations to fulfill key requirements outlined by the BCA.

Section 6: SMART FM (Innovative Solutions) – Total 11 points

  • Cybersecurity Measures (1 Point):
    • FacilityBot incorporates many cybersecurity measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular security tests.
  • Adoption of Smart FM Solutions (10 points):

Image: FacilityBot – BIM

Section 8: SMART FM (Facilities Management System): 12 points

Section 8 – Part A: Asset Management (3 points)

Image: FacilityBot – Asset Management

Failure Analysis (1.5 points):

Life Cycle Management (1.5 points):

  • FacilityBot facilitates comprehensive life cycle management of assets, from procurement to disposal. By tracking asset usage, performance, and maintenance history, FacilityBot ensures optimal resource allocation and prolongs asset lifespan.

Section 8 – Part B: Operations Management and Supply Chain Management (9 points)

Service Management (2.5 points):

Image: FacilityBot – Workflow Automation

Maintenance Management (1.5 points):

Image: FacilityBot – Asset Downtime Breakdown

Other General Services and Supply Chain Management (6 points):

  • FacilityBot’s versatility extends to managing general services and streamlining supply chain operations by optimizing tasks such as cleaning schedules, waste management practices, and procurement processes.

Table: How FacilityBot can help you obtain points to attain the Maintainability Badge

In conclusion, deploying FacilityBot is a great enabler for companies striving to attain the Green Mark Maintainability Badge by assisting in meeting key requirements outlined in both Section 6 and Section 8 of the Green Mark framework.

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