Requestor Sentiment Statistics

The Requestor Sentiment charts and tables aggregate the feedback received from requestors. Requestor sentiment is automatically detected using Natural Language Processing based on their messages sent. 

  • To access this data, log in to FacilityBot Portal. Click on Statistics then Requestor Sentiment.
  • The Requestor Sentiment chart is shown on the left and a table view is shown on the right. 
  • The chart and table shows the score breakdown. You can also view the number of requestors who gave specific score. 

(Note: A score of 3.0 is neutral. Scores below 3.0 indicate negative sentiment. Scores above 3.0 indicate positive sentiment)

  • Use the search field to search for a specific Responder. 
  • The table can also be exported as a CSV file using the Export CSV button. 
  • Click on the Plus icon to add the table to a custom dashboard.