Requestor Statistics

The Requestor data shows the messaging channel the requestor uses and the number of request they created. The Requestor Sentiment charts and tables aggregate the feedback received from requestors. Requestor sentiment is automatically detected using Natural Language Processing based on their messages sent. 

  • To access this data, log in to FacilityBot Portal. Click on Statistics then Requestor Data.
  • The table shows the list of requestors and the messaging channel they used to interact with the bot.
  • The table also shows the sentiment of each requestor and the number of request they created.
  • The numbers in blue are clickable to show the requests in question.

Requestor Sentiment

  • The Requestor Sentiment chart is shown on the left and a table view is shown on the right. 
  • The chart and table shows the score breakdown. You can also view the number of requestors who gave specific score. 

(Note: A score of 3.0 is neutral. Scores below 3.0 indicate negative sentiment. Scores above 3.0 indicate positive sentiment)

  • Use the search field to search for a specific Responder. 
  • The table can also be exported as a CSV file using the Export CSV button. 
  • Click on the Plus icon to add the table to a custom dashboard.