Making Fault Reports Through Slack

The Facility Manager may configure FacilityBot to allow Requestors to make Fault Reports through Slack. 

This article outlines how Requestors can make fault reports in Slack. 

Please note that the buttons and text messages sent by the bot can be changed by the Facilities Manager and therefore may be different from that shown below.

  • Search for the correct channel in Slack.
  • Type “Hi,” “Start,” or other similar phrases to chat with the bot.
  • The bot will reply as configured. Type or press the “Report Fault” button. 
  • Select the fault type you want to report,
  • Type the fault description as well as the location of the fault
  • FacilityBot also gives you the chance to upload up to 5 images of the fault. 
  • Once the report is created, FacilityBot will send a confirmation message with a case ID.