Updating the Status of Requests in the Responder Portal

One of the key actions that Responders need to take is to update the status of Request tickets. There are typically 4 available statuses:

  • “Pending”: All Requests start in the Pending status when they are made by the Requestor.
  • “Processing”: This status is used to indicate that a Responder has started working on the Request. When multiple team members have been assigned the same Request, “Processing” may be used to indicate which team member is working on the Request. Some buildings may also use the “Processing” status to indicate that the Responder has arrived on site. Note that the time between when a Request started in “Pending” status to when it is changed to “Processing” status is often considered the Response time.
  • “Complete”: This status is used to indicate that the Request is “Complete”. Note that after a Request is “Complete”, the Admin / Manager / Responder can still create a Corrective Request arising from the initial Request.
  • “Canceled”: This status is used if the Request has been made in error. 

Step 1: Go to the Requests section

Step 2: Hover over the Request to see the ‘Request Details’ icon

Step 3: Go to ‘Status’ and choose among the status options to update the changes.