Scanning QR Code to Create Ad-Hoc Checklist

FacilityBot now allows admins and managers to create a QR code from a parent checklist which Responders can then scan to create a new ad-hoc checklist using the FacilityBot app.

Creating the Parent Checklist QR Code 

  • Log in to the FacilityBot admin or manager portal.
  • Go to Features, then Checklists.
  • Select a checklist you would like to create a QR code for.
  • Hover on the selected checklist to show the QR code icon to show the selection panel on the right then click on the QR code icon.
  • A QR Code will automatically be generated by FacilityBot. This QR Code can be scanned using the FacilityBot mobile app to create an ad-hoc checklist. 

Scanning the QR Code Using the FacilityBot Mobile App

  • Log in to the FacilityBot mobile app using a Responder account.
  • Select Create Ad-hoc Checklist on the three-bar menu.
  • Scan the QR code of the Checklist you want to create an ad-hoc checklist for. 
  • Once scanned, an ad-hoc checklist will be created which can be completed on the mobile app.