Updating Meter Readings Whilst Completing a Checklist

Technicians may sometimes be required to record meter readings while completing preventive maintenance checklists. FacilityBot makes this easy by allowing meter readings to be recorded as part of a checklist.

Adding a Meter Reading to the Checklist

  • Log in to FacilityBot Manager Portal. 
  • Go to Settings then Checklists. 
  • Click on the “+ New” button on the upper right. Checklists can be created from a blank template or using a checklist template from FacilityBot’s template library.
  • If Create With A Template From The Template Library is selected, find and configure a checklist from the public checklist library.
  • Scroll down and click on + Add New Row to create a new row.
  • Type a description and select Meter Reading as the check response.
  • Select the Meter you want to create the meter reading for. 
  • Once done, click Save and Approve to save the changes. 

Completing the Checklist

Reponders can complete the checklist using the FacilityBot Mobile App.

  • Select the checklist you want to update and click on Update Checklist. 
  • Complete the checklist as appropriate and enter the meter reading.
  • Enter a remark if applicable and click on Complete to save the changes. 
  • FacilityBot will log the changes and automatically update the meter reading. 

Viewing Meter Reading Updates

To view the new meter reading,

  • Go to Features then Meters. 
  • Hover on the meter and click on the New Meter Reading Icon. 
  • The meter reading history will be updated with the new meter reading from the checklist.