Integrating Facebook Messenger with FacilityBot

Facility managers can integrate FacilityBot with Facebook Messenger to allow Requestors to make fault reports and service requests via Facebook Messenger.

  • Login to FacilityBot Web Portal then navigate to Integrations. The page shows the list of messaging channels you can integrate. 
  • Select Facebook.
  • Click the “Try It Now” button on the top left. 
  • FacilityBot’s server will redirect you to your Facebook login to retrieve your pages. Please agree to all permissions requested by Facebook.
  • FacilityBot will show a list of Facebook pages that you manage. Click on the Facebook page that you want to link with FacilityBot.  Or head to Facebook to create a new page for FacilityBot.
  • Once linked, a `Linked` label will appear on the selected page. A `Test Bot` button will also appear. Click on the `Test Bot` button and say `Hi` to the bot within Facebook Messenger to test it.