Making Service Requests Through WhatsApp

The Facility Manager may configure FacilityBot to allow Requestors to make Service Requests through WhatsApp. Service requests are requests that require a response by the Facility Manager but are not faults. These may be soft services such as Event Management, Access Card replacements, or Reception requests. Service Requests forms can be configured by the Facility Manager to accept other fields beyond the fields to report a fault.

The Facility Manager is able to switch off the Service Request feature. In this case, Requestors for that building will not be able to access this feature. 

This article outlines how the Requestor can make a Service Request in WhatsApp. 

Step 1: Search for the correct channel in WhatsApp

Step 2: Type ‘Hi’

Step 3: A welcome message will be sent to help the Requestor with the next steps. 

Step 4: Type ‘Service Request’

Step 5: Tap the arrow to open the `Service Request` Web Form. Select the Service Request you would like to make from the dropdown. Complete the necessary fields in the Web Form

Step 6: The Requestor will receive a Case ID to indicate success in making a Service Request.