FacilityBot SSO Integration using Microsoft Azure

FacilityBot supports Single Sign On integration using Microsoft Azure. The article below provides a guide for client SSO admins. To complete the integration, please contact the FacilityBot customer success team.

Setting Up SSO on the Client’s Azure Account

  • Search for Enterprise Applications in the client’s Azure account.
  • Click on “New Application.”
  • Select “Non-gallery application.”
  • Enter the name for the application.
  • Click “Assign users and groups.”
  • Click “Add user” to add new users with access to FacilityBot.
  • Back to App Overview. Click “Set up single sign-on”.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the information.
  •  The customer could enter his preferred Identifier. 

(Note: The Reply URL has the format: https:///managers/auth/saml/callbacks?subd=

And the Sign on URL has the format: https://<facilitybot-domain>/managers/auth/saml )

  • In step 3, download the Certificate (Base64). 
  • In step 4, copy the Login URL. This information should be sent to FacilityBot customer success team to complete the integration.