Availability Status

Facility managers may want to see whether a technician is available to be assigned to a fault report or service request. FacilityBot’s Availability Status allows Admins, Managers, Responders to indicate whether they are available for assignment. Activity indicators are used to indicate the user’s current status to team members. 

Setting Availability Status

  • Log in to FacilityBot Web Portal to use this feature.
  • Users can see their activity indicators besides their account name and logo. 
  • The green dot besides the user account logo indicates that the user is Available. 
  • The empty circle besides the user account logo indicates that the user is Busy.
  • Users can set their availability status to be available or busy by clicking on their account logo. 
  • Click on “Set yourself as Busy” or “Set yourself as Available” to change the availability indicator.

Viewing Availability Status When Assigning Requests

When Assigning Requests, the availability status of the user will be shown as a green dot (Available) or empty circle (Away) next to their name.

  • Go to Features then Requests to assign service requests or fault reports.
  • Click on the Assigned to dropdown to select responders to assign to service requests or fault reports.
  • Managers can see the availability status of responders in the Assigned to dropdown.