Desk Statistics

The Desk Statistics charts and tables aggregate the desk booking data. 

  • To access this data, log in to FacilityBot Portal. Click on Statistics then Desk Statistics.
  • This data can be filtered by Date Range. You can also view the data in Daily or Monthly periods
  • Once the filter has been selected, click on the “Apply Filter” button.
  • The table shows the breakdown by date.
  • Here, you can view the zone name and number of desks in a zone. It also shows the number of desk bookings received and the utlization rate. 
  • The numbers in blue are clickable to view the desk bookings in question.
  • Use the search field to search for a specific Zone. 
  • The table can also be exported as a CSV file using the Export CSV button. 
  • Click on the Plus icon to add the table to a custom dashboard.