Automatically Sending Checklists PDF to Customers

Facility and Field Service managers may need to conduct maintenance checks for specific customers. FacilityBot allows the automatic sending of the Checklist PDF to any linked customers once a checklist is completed. 

Allowing Automatic Sending of Checklist PDF to Customers

  • Log in to FacilityBot Web Portal.
  • Go to Settings, then Features. 
  • Turn this toggle to ‘on’ to automatically send the Checklist PDF to linked customers once the status is updated to ‘Complete.’
  • If a child checklist is linked to a customer, once the status of that checklist is updated to “Complete”, based on the email address configured for that customer, an email will be sent to that customer with a link to access the PDF. 
  • If the Customer is linked to a Requestor, the checklist PDF will be sent through the messaging channel that that Requestor used.
  • For example, if a Requestor communicates with FacilityBot through Telegram and that Requestor is linked to a Customer, then when a child Checklist linked to that Customer is Complete, FacilityBot will automatically send a message to the Requestor through Telegram.