Allow IoT Sensors to Directly Populate Meter Readings

The MQTT integration feature in FacilityBot supports IoT meters. Therefore, IoT sensors can directly link to meters to automatically populate meter readings.

Connecting a Sensor to FacilityBot

  • Log in to FacilityBot.
  • Go to Integrations, MQTT, then click on Sensors.
  • To create a new sensor in FacilityBot, click on + New Sensor.
  • A floating editing panel will appear where you can enter the details of the sensor. 
  • Enter the device name, the trigger condition, the score, and the minimum interval between triggers. 
  • Link this Sensor to a Meter to automatically populate meter readings from this Sensor by clicking on the Add Meter button. 
  • All sensor readings that are sent to FacilityBot via the `score` field will directly populate meter readings for the linked meter. 

Sending Test Data

To send test payload data,  

  • Hover on the sensor and click on the “Send Test Data” icon. 
  • A panel will appear on the right. Here, you can enter the payload data. Payload data should consist of a single ‘score’ field sent in a JSON format.
  • Once sent, the sensor will automatically populate meter readings.