Allow IoT Sensors to Directly Populate Meter Readings

The Sensors feature in FacilityBot supports IoT sensors. IoT sensors can be directly linked to meters to automatically populate meter readings.

Connecting a Sensor to FacilityBot

  • Log in to FacilityBot.
  • Go to Integrations, Sensors, then click on the Sensors tab.
  • To create a new sensor in FacilityBot, click on + New Sensor.
  • A floating editing panel will appear where you can enter the details of the sensor. 
  • Enter the device name. 
  • Set the parameter for this sensor that FacilityBot will use to populate meters or trigger requests
  • Enter the trigger condition and the minimum interval between triggers. 
  • Link this Sensor to a Meter to automatically populate meter readings from this Sensor by clicking on the Add Meter button. 
  • If the sensor sends multiple fields in its JSON output, use the `Add Parameter` button to add more parameters.
  • If the sensor sends a timestamp in its JSON output, use the `Add Timestamp Parameter` button to specify the name of that timestamp field. 
  • If there is no timestamp sent by the sensor, FacilityBot will automatically create a timestamp using the system time.

Sending Test Data

To send test payload data,  

  • Hover on the sensor and click on the “Send Test Data” icon. 
  • A panel will appear on the right. Here, you can enter the payload data. Payload data should consist of the parameters (and timestamp if any) that were configured above sent in a JSON format.

(Note: The parameter fields are case sensitive, so please ensure the parameter names and timestamp parameter name should be exactly the same as the JSON output.)

  • Once sent, the sensor will automatically populate meter readings.