Inviting Visitors Through WebChat

The Facility Manager may configure FacilityBot to allow Requestors to invite visitors to the building through WebChat. 

Note that the Facility Manager is able to switch off the Visitor management feature. In this case, Requestors for that building will not be able to access this feature. The Facility Manager may also change the button names and text for this feature.

This article outlines how the Requestor can invite a visitor through WebChat. 

  1. Search for the correct channel in WebChat
  1. Click the ‘Invite Visitor’ button. Note that only users marked as “Tenants” by the Facility Manager are allowed to invite visitors.
  1. Fill up the form to Invite a Visitor. Note that Visitor Name, Visitor Email, and Visitor Arrival Time are compulsory fields. Additional fields may be added by the Facility Manager.
  1. Once successful, the Requestor will receive the Visit ID as confirmation. 
  1. The Requestor can delete Visitor Invitations using the “View My Invitations” button
  1. An email will be sent to the Visitor at the Visitor Email Address provided by the Requestor.