Building Information Management

Falitybot allows you to upload Building Information Model files to view the building in 3D. 

Uploading BIM File Formats

  • Log in to Facilitybot Web Portal. 
  • Go to ‘Integrations’ → ‘BIM.’
  • Click on ‘Settings’ on the upper right to upload a .IFC file.
  • A floating editing panel will appear where you can import a BIM model and give the model a name. 
  • Once imported, click ‘Save’ to save the changes.
  • Facilitybot will import the building model and you will be able to view it in 3D.
  • Scroll to Zoom in and out of the BIM model.
  • Click and Drag to rotate the BIM model. 
  • Shift, Click, and Drag to navigate in the BIM model.

Tagging on BIM

  • To add tags, expand the Left Hand Side Tags pane.
  • A side panel will appear where you can tag the building model.
  • To add tags, click within the BIM model while the side pane is expanded.
  • A tag will be created after clicking anywhere on the BIM model.
  • Edit the name of the tag by clicking on the pencil icon on the side pane.
  • Give the tag a title and a brief description.
  • Once done, click on the save icon to save the tag.
  • You may delete the tag using the bin icon or go to the tag by clicking on the navigation icon.