Changing Request Location Tags in the Responder Mobile App

Location Tags can be easily created and can be linked to Requests. Location Tags are useful to automatically assign Requests, by creating a suitable Workflow setting, and also for data analytics (e.g. to find out the number of Requests that have a certain Location Tag). 

Multiple Location Tags can be attached to a single Request. This is a powerful and easy way to identify specific locations in a building. For example, a Request can be tagged with “Building 1”, “Level 1” and “Area 1”. 

To change the Request Location Tags in the Responder mobile app, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to the FacilityBot iOS or Android Mobile App using a Responder Account

Step 2: Go to the Requests Page

Step 3: Click to ‘Location Tags’ icon and select the appropriate Location Tags to add or remove