How to Integrate with Zapier: Sending Channel Messages in Microsoft Teams for New Fault Reports Created in FacilityBot

Managers can automate sending of channel messages in Microsoft Teams for new fault reports created in FacilityBot. Whenever a new fault report is created, a direct message can be sent to the user.

  • Log in to your Zapier account.
  • Create a new Zap. 
  • Choose the app event. Select FacilityBot as the trigger. This starts the Zap when something happens in an app

  • Connect your account to FacilityBot. 
  • Enter the API key. It can be found on Integrations > Zapier on the the FacilityBot portal. Once entered, click on “Yes, Continue.”
  • Choose the action to be taken whenever the trigger occurs.
  • Connect your Microsoft Teams account. 
  • Customize the Zap using the setup action. You may allow it to send multiple messages, select the Slack usernames that will receive the direct message, and customize the message text.
  • Once all required fields have been filled in, click Publish Zap.
  • Zapier will automatically send a channel message whenever a new fault report is created in FacilityBot.