How to Integrate with Zapier: Sending Channel Messages in Slack for New Service Requests Created

Managers can automate sending of channel messages in Slack for new service requests created in FacilityBot. Whenever a new fault report is created, a direct message can be sent to the user from the Slackbot. Messages can also be scheduled for later.

  • Log in to your Zapier account.
  • Create a new Zap. 
  • Choose the app event. Select FacilityBot as the trigger. This starts the Zap when something happens in an app
  • Connect your account to FacilityBot. 
  • Enter the API key. It can be found on Integrations > Zapier on the the FacilityBot portal. Once entered, click on “Yes, Continue.”
  • Choose the action to be taken whenever the trigger occurs. 
  • Connect your Slack account. 
  • Customize the Zap using the setup action. You may allow it to send multiple messages, select the Slack usernames that will receive the direct message, and customize the message text.
  • Once all required fields have been filled in, click Publish Zap.
  • Zapier will automatically send a channel message whenever a new service request is created on FacilityBot.