Automatically Create a New Request Ticket when a Meter Reading Exceeds a Threshold

Facility managers may want to automatically create a new request ticket if a meter reading exceeds a threshold. For example, a temperature sensor can be linked to a meter and when the temperature meter reading exceeds a threshold, a new request ticket can be automatically created.

  • Log in to FacilityBot Manager Portal
  • Go to “Features” and select “Workflows”.
  • Click on the “+ New Workflow” button on the upper right.
  • Select Meter Reading from the “Event” drop-down menu.
  • Select a specific meter and set a trigger threshold. 
  • Next, to create a new service request, select “Create New Requests” from the actions dropdown. 
  • Select the type of request you want to create.
  • Lastly, enter the request description. 
  • Once done, click on the “Save Button” on the upper right to save the changes.
  • This workflow automation creates new requests automatically when the meter has been triggered.