Custom Dashboard

Admins and managers may want to view charts and tables displayed in a single-page dashboard in different ways. FacilityBot has an internal customizable dashboard that uses a widget-based approach. Current charts/tables available in the “Statistics” section can be added as “widgets” to the custom dashboard. Users can then configure parameters for that chart or table such as filters. 

Creating a Custom Dashboard

  • Log in to FacilityBot Portal. The first thing you will see is the dashboard. FacilityBot gives you the option to view the default dashboard or create a custom one. 
  • To create a custom dashboard, go to the Custom section. 
  • Edit the dashboard by clicking on the Edit button on the far right.
  • Add a widget by clicking on the Add Widget button
  • FacilityBot gives you the option to add various widget types. 
  • You may also search for a specific widget using the search field. 
  • You may drag the widgets to change their position. 
  • Delete a certain widget by clicking on the X icon located on the upper right of each widget. 
  • You may also use the date range filter to view certain statistics within the range.
  • Depending on the widget, you may be able to see individual filters that apply to that widget. 
  • To view and edit individual widget filters, click on the icon at the top right. An editing panel will appear on the right to edit the filers. 
  • Click on the Save button on the lower right to save the changes. 
  • After creating your custom dashboard, click Save to update the changes.

Adding Notes to Custom Dashboard

Managers can add notes to the Custom Dashboard.

  • Click on the Add Note button on the upper right. 
  • A new widget will appear where you can add the notes. 

(Note: Each dashboard can have  a maximum of ten note widgets.)

  • Give your new note a name by clicking on the name field. 
  • Adjust the size of the widget by dragging the corner of the note widget.
  • Edit the note using the action buttons.
  • Managers can insert an image by uploading a png or jpeg file or by pasting the image URL.
  • Text can be linked to a URL link. 
  • Managers can also add raw HTML. 

Webview URL

FacilityBot also lets users access the custom dashboard in a webview. Users can copy the URL and paste it into a browser to access the custom dashboard webview.

  • On the Custom Dashboard page, click Share.
  • A floating panel will appear with the webview URL.
  • Copy the URL and paste it on the browser to see the webview.