Automating Workflows

The Workflows feature in FacilityBot allows managers to set up various automations. For example, workflows can be set up to automatically assign requests to responders, send alerts, send surveys after request completion and send approval emails for expenditures. Workflow configurations are intuitive using an if-then sentence constructor with dropdown selections.

Here are some workflow automations you can create using FacilityBot’s workflow feature.

Automate Assignment of Fault Reports and Requests

Managers can automate the assignment of fault reports and service requests to the appropriate responders. Once enabled, the appropriate Responder/s will automatically be assigned if a certain fault report and service request has been made. 

Automate Sending of Survey after Request Completion

Managers can automate the sending of a survey after a request is completed or after a fault has been rectified. Once this workflow has been automated, a survey will be sent to the Requestor through the messaging platform every time a request of the specified type is complete.

Automating Alerts after Facilities Booking

Managers can automate sending of alerts after a common facility has been booked. With this workflow in place, an alert email will be sent every time a booking is made for the selected facility.

Automate Creation of Expenditure Requests for Schedule of Rates Responses

The process of creating an expenditure request and seeking expenditure approval can be automated with FacilityBot’s intuitive workflow creator, taking away the step of obtaining approval for that expenditure. With this workflow in place, an expenditure request will automatically be created when a vendor responds to a service request with quotes from that schedule of rates. 

Automating Sending of Expenditure Approval Emails

Managers can automate the sending of expenditure approval emails to the appropriate approver. Once this workflow has been made, an email will be automatically sent to the approver for approval, whenever an expenditure request is created within the specified expenditure range.