Integrating Telegram with FacilityBot

Facility managers can integrate FacilityBot with Telegram to allow Requestors to make fault reports and service requests via Telegram.

  • Login to FacilityBot Web Portal then navigate to Integrations. The page shows the list of messaging channels you can integrate. 
  • Go to Telegram.
  • Find the telegram bot named “@botfather” on the search field, he will help you with creating and managing your bot.
  • Type “/help” and you will see all possible commands that botfather understands.
  • To create a new bot, type “/newbot”.
  • Follow the instructions given and create a new name for your bot. The name of the bot can be anything you want. The username has to be unique.
  • You will see a new API token generated for it. In sample below it’s 1628029813:AAF_P4CWLMDTFL4Q9P5eprDoRPNHxtBUoWs
  • Copy your API token, paste it into the field and click “Update”