Facility managers may sometimes need to reply to requestors’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  The FAQ feature in FacilityBot enables managers to set up an automated response to such questions. For example, the FAQ feature could be very useful for requestor self-help. Images or links to videos can be sent as replies so requestors can undertake simple troubleshooting without requiring technicians to attend to them.

How to Create a New FAQ

  • Log into FacilityBot.
  • Open the Settings menu and select FAQ. 
  • Click the +New button on the upper right side and a floating window shall appear.
  • Create a new FAQ by giving it a name.
  • Enter a Training Phrase. This is the question that the user may ask the bot. Give it a few variants of how users may phrase the same question to better understand the intent of the question.
  • Type in a Text Response that the bot will send whenever a user asks a question.
  • You can add a button to the FAQ. When clicked, buttons can either lead to a text reply, a website, or another FAQ. 
  • You can also attach an image after a text response or a quick reply. 

(Note: Once enabled, the Quick Reply and the buttons appear after the text reply. If no quick reply or button is set, a follow-up message may appear.)

  • Click “Create” to finish creating the FAQ.

How to Edit/Delete an FAQ

  • Go back to the main page. Here, the list of previously created FAQs is shown as well as a preview of the selected FAQ.
  • To delete an FAQ, click on the Delete button on the lower left side. 
  • Configure the FAQ by clicking on the Update button.